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-The Sidekick Three has a Similar Customized PVC body -
- The Same Super durable water or sand fillable base-
- Like the Warrior Phase III shown above-
-Three can train simultaneously -




While presenting my Warrior plans to my teacher Makoto Kabayama JKD Family Head Instructor he shared an idea he had for a "weapons" trainer. "Three sticks coming out of a wall". The seed was planted.

I began experimenting with various sockets, springs, pipes, and pivot balls. Extremely durable, yet highly flexible, their ultimate design was inspired both by the simplicity of the Mook Jong and the JKD concept of being firm yet yielding.

  Since virtually all standing techniques are delivered high, mid, and/or low line simply treat The SIDEKICK as your opponents' head level, mid-section, and low body targets or blows. Attack or defend with any empty hand or blunt weapon combinations you desire. Any additional SIDEKICK can therefore be thought of as additional opponents and/or training stations for additional practitioners.

These outstanding low impact, quick return training devices complement our free-standing Warriors, and stand on their own better than we had ever imagined. Crafted with the same top quality materials as the Warrior we feel The SIDEKICK is destined to become as essential to kickboxing, weapons and martial aerobic training as the Mook Jong is to trapping.

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